Caribbean Scientists Work Hard To Reduce Climate Impact

According to the recent reports, Caribbean scientists state that the fishermen have already started seeing the damages brought forth by climate change. This is why they have embarked on a path to design new systems and strategies to reduce the impact as much as possible for the past couple of years.

Some of these Caribbean scientists have been hard at work on different strategies to repopulate areas that have been overfished till now., while some of the scientists crunch the data and create tools that will help prepare the region as well provide the required information to the local leaders to take decisions. In December 2016, The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism or the CRFM secretariat announced a Climate Report Card that would be used to create strategies that will reduce the impact of climate change on regional fisheries.

The small and developing states are grouped together in an attempt to fortify the sectors that rely a lot on the marine environment. This will help these areas to withstand the ravages that are expected to be brought forth by climate change according to scientists. These climate changes include natural disasters like droughts, hurricanes, coral bleaching and coastal sea level rise. In fact, as a result of the ongoing climate change, many freshwater, terrestrial and marine species have started shifting their geographical ranges, migration patterns, seasonal activities, abundances and species interactions as well. The Caribbean Report Card put forth by the CRFM offers in -depth data collected by the government to help make crucial decisions about adaptation and mitigation.

The recent incident of the harpooning of two orcas by fishermen led the Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves to declare an end to the whaling industry in the Barouille village. Till now the government had turned a blind eye to these activates, however, the time has come to take strong decisions to preserve the marine environment.

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